SAGE Wine & Cheese Meeting

SAGE Wine & Cheese Meeting
Friday, October 18, 2019, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

We will gather for a social night of wine & cheese & healthy discussion! 

 A few things will be on the agenda, which will of course be open to whatever you guys want to discuss:

1) Did anyone attempt the challenge I gave you this spring; to eat vegan for a week or local-only for 24 hours? I'd like to know how that went if you did.
2) Fall environmental and gardening activities around Saint Andrew and in the local community.
3) I'd like to have a discussion about the article published in the New Yorker this weekend by Jon Franzen:   
Please take a moment to read and come with your thoughts and questions.
4) Any other business.

Please, if you are able and willing, bring your own wine and snack to share! Also, if you can remember please bring your own wine glass.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Humbly your SAGE Chair,
-Alex Waller

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