I'm New

We are excited that you are interested in Saint Andrew Christian Church and we thank you for visiting our website! When it comes to churches, we know there are many options for you to choose from and we hope that will give us the opportunity to not only demonstrate our warm and welcoming nature, but also to get to know you better. If you have questions that you don't find answer for on our website, please contact us by phone at 913.764.5888 or use our email contact form.

We hope to see you in worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30am! We encourage you to arrive by 9:15am.


About Our Faith Community

Our Basic Beliefs
  • We stand solidly in the Christian faith  where each person has a unique and valuable perspective of God's word, purpose and plan.
  • We challenge each other by sharing these understandings. Saint Andrew is a place to grow spiritually, to ask questions and to seek answers together.
  • We celebrate communion weekly and all are invited and welcome to share in this meal of remembrance.
  • We affirm the gifts of ministry in all persons.
  • We welcome and affirm all children of God - of any color, class, sexual orientation, age, gender, ability or thought.
  • We seek Christian unity, not uniformity, as we work cooperatively with all God's people for peace and wholeness in the world.

The Worship Experience

Worship at Saint Andrew is both moving and meaningful. It holds the head and heart together.  The sermons likely consist of thought-provoking and heartwarming stories tailored to illustrate the meaning of the scripture in a way that allows listeners to relate it to their personal experiences.

We have a very talented music director, instrumentalists, and choir who provide music that ranges from traditional to contemporary but always enriches the services. You won’t hear a pipe organ at Saint Andrew, but you might hear just about any other instrument!

We celebrate communion every Sunday at each service. All are invited to come forward to receive communion.

At the end of the service we join hands for a closing song and the benediction.  We invite all to stay after worship for conversation and information.