Apr 07, 2019 | Rev. Rene̍ Jensen

Faithful Love

John 12:1-18

All four gospels recount the anointing of Jesus, but there are interesting differences and similarities. In Matthew, Mark and John the anointing takes place in Bethany. In Matthew and Mark, it takes place at the home of Simon the Leper; in John it takes place at the home of Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus. In all three of these gospels, the anointing is associated with Jesus’ imminent death. Luke’s account takes place much earlier in Jesus’ ministry and occurs at the home of an unnamed Pharisee. In Mark and Matthew’s account, the woman anoints Jesus’ head; in John and Luke, she anoints his feet. Only John gives the woman a name, though Luke describes her as a “sinful woman.”

But in all the gospels, Jesus regards the woman’s act as one of faithful love, despite—or perhaps because—of its extravagance. This Sunday we’ll be unpacking the implications of Mary’s act of extravagant love.

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